Ethical Eating

I went back to work recently after being a stay-at-home-warden for 12 years. The job I got is at a small grocery store, and I’ve lost about 45 pounds in the last nine months just moving and lifting and working and not sitting at home eating all day. This is wonderful because even though I am anti-diet and anti-hating-myself-because-I’m-fat, I am also interested in being healthy and active. The weight I’ve lost so far (and I have another hundred pounds to go to get to my so-called healthy range) has been easy because it’s required no thought. I go to work and the pounds come off. But I know that will not last forever, and I know that developing healthy habits is the way to being healthy whether I’m working at a grocery store or at a desk.

So this means cooking dinners and making sure I get enough protein and fiber and exercising three times a week. But as a druid, and one who is trying to figure out what that means, I also want to make sure that I’m learning about where my food comes from and how that fits in with my values. The Unitarian Universalist Association calls it Ethical Eating, and they’ve made a statement of conscience  about food that really appeals to me. I see it as a vehicle to explore my food ethics and also as a goal to shoot for. One of the requirements of the ADF Dedicant Program is for the Dedicant to understand how they impact their environment. I believe that my quest for ethical eating will dovetail nicely into the nature awareness requirement.

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